Eastern College

Eastern College
Saint John
32 weeks
$23,000 - $49,000
Full Time

Eastern College

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Program Description

Barbering is one of the oldest professions in the world. Barbering developed from early cultural and tribal beginnings into the recognized profession that it is today. In Eastern College’s barbering program students will practice the latest techniques and explore products specific to this field.

Successful graduates of this program will be eligible to write the New Brunswick Registered Barber Association examination. Achieving a passing grade on this exam will allow graduates to practice as registered apprentice barbers.

Program Highlights:
Hands-on training at a barbershop
Program approved by the New Brunswick Registered Barbers Association
CPR/First Aid Training
WHMIS training

The Barbering program will qualify grads to pursue positions in Barbershops, Salons, Personal Care Industry and Self-employment.

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