Medical Office Assistant
Algonquin Careers Academy

Algonquin Careers Academy
33 weeks
$21,000 - $71,000
Full Time

Algonquin Careers Academy

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Program Description

The Medical Office Assistant program is designed to provide our students with the medical, clerical, and communication skills necessary to start a career as a member of the health care team in a medical or dental office. The 4 week practical placement combined with the 29 week classroom instruction ensures our students graduate with confidence and a familiarity with the use of medical terminology, office procedures, microcomputer applications, customer service and related skills. In the MOA program, all of the aspects of a busy office are addressed including: scheduling and confirming medical appointments, filing, telephone protocol, letter writing, business communications, confidentiality and legal aspects, records and inventory management, handling mail and Ministry of Health billing. Students learn: patient registration, how to take family history, medical history and patient history, the various body systems and how they function, and medical terms including those related to diagnosis and treatment. Students also learn how to initiate procedural set ups including patient preparation, how to perform diagnostic procedures, and how to collect patient specimens. A portion of the course addresses administration of a dental office including dental office procedures. Students will learn AbleMed and AbleDent, two automated billing software packages commonly used in Medical and Dental offices.

The focus of all of our Medical Office Assistant courses is on preparing the students to be efficient and effective in the medical and dental office environments.

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