Medical Office Administrator (Internship)
Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology

Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology
49 weeks
$21,000 - $71,000
Full Time

Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology

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Program Description

This course introduces students to the field of Medical Office Administration. Students will develop the skills that they need to work productively in busy health care enviroments. Students participating in the course will receive foundational training in office software applications including, Microsoft Office, keyboarding techniques, Power Point, Outlook and Excel. They will gain in-depth knowledge of accounting software applications, computerized booking, word processing and spreadsheet's. Upon completion, students will be able to provide medical administrative support to medical professionals, and relay their understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology; establish company records, and understand the mechanics of scheduling, transcription procedures, and health care billing procedures. Medical Office Administration provides a framework for developing the skills and knowledge needed in an increasingly dynamic office environment with little or no supervision. The objective of this program is to help the student develop the skills, and competences needed for increased interpersonal medical office environment. This program includes entry to advanced level training in medical office essentials such as Microsoft Office, professional business skills in addition to heath office procedures, ethics, laws and, terminology.

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