Human Resource Management (Internship)
Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology

Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology
49 weeks
$25,387 - $64,244
Full Time

Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology

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Program Description

The Human Resource Management course provides a solid foundation for a career in Human Resources (HR). This course is designed to convey the various roles and functions performed by a Human Resource Manager within an organization. All key components for this diverse profession are covered in the Human Resource Management course including: recruitment, compensation, pensions and benefits, occupational health and safety, as well as employee and labour relations. In addition, students will receive training in the use of Microsoft Office software which will be beneficial to any career. This course addresses many tasks and challenges faced by today's Human Resource Management employees in both public and private sector organizations. Students will examine in depth, the functions of the Human Resources (HR) department with an emphasis placed on recruiting, training and performance management. This program provides the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive background in the functions of Human Resources from both historic and current perspectives. Students will learn how the Human Resources (HR) department works within an organization to achieve company goals and objectives. Upon completion of this course students will have developed an expertise in all major areas of Human Resource Management such as preparing job offers, screening applicants and how to identify staffing requirements. This course incorporates current HR trends and offers solutions to develop and promote positive management relations. The expertise, knowledge and management skills acquired through participation in this course can be applied to any organization.

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