Hairstyling Program
Modern College of Hairstyling & Esthetics

Modern College of Hairstyling & Esthetics
$23,000 - $43,000
Full Time

Modern College of Hairstyling & Esthetics

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Program Description

Length of Program: 1500 hours with 40 hours per week

We give you all the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to create great styles and form strong relationships with your future clients. Practical skills are first taught on mannequin and then immediately transferred to a live model. This extensive hands-on training enables the participants to gain confidence in their skills and get to meet a diverse clientele.
Professional Image: Make up for self application, Style and Image
Shampooing & Treatments: Scalp treatment, Product knowledge
Long Hair: Braiding, Extensions, Up-do’s, Avant Guarde
Hair shaping: Cutting with shears, razors and clippers on men and women
Hair coloring: Foiling, Lightening and High lighting
Hair Texturizing: Using permanent wave solutions and various tools
Thermal styling & Wet Styling
Job search, Competition, Retail Sales, Wigs & Hairpieces
In addition to our Private Training you are required by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to complete:

2000 hours apprenticeship in a salon
Ontario Certificate of Qualification Examination

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