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4 - 96 Weeks
$38,000 - $106,000
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  • Diploma
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    Web Developer Programs Description

    Web developers build and modify websites and develop applications online. Some developers are self-employed and work on a freelance basis. Some web developers can easily work in offices or from home, spending most of their time in front of a computer screen.

    • Web developers are tasked to code information and links for webpages and online sites.
    • They strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.
    • Troubleshooting everyday problems that affect website capabilities and functions. Being familiar with testing and debugging processes is vital.
    • Knowledge and design experience with web services (REST, SOAP etc.). Needs deep expertise with web applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery and API’s.
    • This field of work requires the web developer to be in constant communication with colleagues and other staff members.

    Web Developer Salary

    In Canada, the average annual salary ranges from $38,000 to $106,000. A developer’s salary is based on the amount of experience they have and the type of assignments they are delegated.

    Web Developer Training Courses

    There is no strict requirements to become a web developer. Most employers prefer to hire those with years of experience.There are many technical schools that offer programs in web design and related areas. These programs take on average 1 to 2 years to complete and after completion, you earn a certificate or diploma. Since this field is rapidly changing, you must be up to date with the latest web techniques and applications. One of the best ways to learn about developing websites is to develop them for friends and yourself. This will not only, build your portfolio, but the practice will assist your knowledge and understanding.

    Useful Information About Being a Web Developer

    Attention to detail is important because it helps prevent mistakes and makes success in the workplace easier. Github is the industry-standard for version control, and many companies want to know that you have hands-on experience before extending an offer. You can prove that and show your best code by creating your own Github account and using it as a repository for your projects.Listed below are software and programming languages that are mandatory to master: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator|HTML|CSS|FTP (File Transfer Protocol)|Bug Testing|Media Queries (Mobile Development)|Javascript|Frontend|Framework|Wordpress. You can also participate in a Hackathon. they’re a fun and exciting way to get to know tech people who share your interests, help tackle relevant problems, test your coding skills and learn from others.

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