Video Game Art
triOS College

triOS College
77 weeks
$21,000 - $77,000
Full Time

triOS College

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Program Description

Explore your artistic expression while learning how to create characters, environments, and levels for interactive media with the Video Game Art diploma program at triOS.

In this program you will develop your skills as a digital artist through courses that teach the concepts and procedures used in the industry today. You will analyze existing video game mechanics, technical design, documentation, planning and implementation, affording you a more knowledgeable perspective on video game design.

A key area of focus in the Video Game Art program is professional portfolio development. While enrolled in this program, you will complete many concepts, multiple gaming projects in both Unity and Unreal Engines, multiple character and environment models, animation sequences, optimized textures and UV maps for various platforms, and a demo reel for your portfolio to highlight and showcase what you've done in job interviews and upon graduating.

Graduates of this program will be equipped with extensive knowledge of the industry and the experience needed to begin their careers.

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