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Often when people hear science an individual is pursuing a career in science, they may assume the person is on the trajectory to become a doctor or pursue a field in a biology or chemistry environment. While that may generally be the case, those who pursue science education are not restricted to anything and can find success in many facets of their career.

The sky is truly the limit in terms of what career opportunities await someone who pursues science. Science programs in Canada foster deep analytical skills and that enables graduates to work in any environment where they can utilize their skills to interpret data, field and lab research and writing technical materials. Science students have an appreciation for team collaboration and pooling resources and talents to get a project completed effectively and timely. They make effective and fair leaders and understand the importance of logic.

Those who work in a science field should possess incredible analytical skills and a willingness to think outside the box. They recognize that there is a logical explanation to all things and have the fortitude to explore their findings further. They should possess good science and math acumen, be patience and recognize that their success is largely attributed to their determination as most experiences fail the first few times.

Depending on what branch of science you’re looking to go into, you will need to identify what educational criteria is required from your field when selecting science programs in Canada or a science college. E.G: A doctor would need to go to med school, but those who work in laboratories can enter a college or career college program. There are many branches of science including life sciences, earth sciences, and quantitative sciences––it’s best you identify which science schools in Canada best fit the needs of your end goal.

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Science Training and Career

The median salary for someone who pursues a career in science is $52,000. Entry level positions start at approximately $30,000 but more experienced workers can earn north of $89,000/year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a STEM school?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. A STEM school specializes in facilitating an environment that encourages critical thinking, fosters the development of future tinkerers and innovators as well as science literacy.

What is school science?

School science teaches elementary and high school aged children how to think, problem solve and learn in an increasingly scientifically and technologically driven world. These days, technology and science are heavily relied upon in a modern world. School science teaches students how these things function.

What college has the best science program?

Based on rankings, the top five schools with the best science programs are California Institute of Technology, the University of California (Berkeley), Stanford University and Princeton University.