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19 - 53 Weeks
$27,000 - $60,000
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    Medical Lab Technician Programs Description

    A medical lab technician performs a variety of different laboratory tests to provide information for patient diagnosis and treatment. Testing may include toxicology, chemistry, hematology, immunology, and microbiology. Responsibilities may include collecting samples, performing tests on tissue, teeth, blood, and other bodily fluids. Medical lab technicians may be employed in a hospital, laboratory, or physician’s office lab. There are a variety of areas where a medical lab technician can develop their career and specialize in a particular type of laboratory testing.

    • Time management is important for this role as a busy laboratory may have a high volume of samples that require processing in a short time period.
    • Good written and verbal communication skills are needed for this position as a medical lab technician will need to interact efficiently with patients, nurses, doctors and other medical professionals.
    • Computer skills and excellent organization are important for this role.
    • Medical lab technician must be able to handle sensitive and confidential information appropriately and act in an ethical manner.
    • Attention to detail and the ability to follow specific procedures is also important for this role.

    Medical Lab Technician Salary

    An average starting salary is $27K per year in Canada. A more experienced medical office assistant may make up to $60K.

    Medical Lab Technician Hours

    Full time and part time positions can be found for this role.

    Medical Lab Technician Training Courses

    There a variety of certificate and diploma programs available to receive training to become a medical lab technician.

    Useful Information About Being a Medical Lab Technician

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