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24 - 65 Weeks
$33,000 - $91,000
  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Diploma
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    Digital Marketing Specialist Programs Description

    It’s a peculiar thing to consider that nearly two-decade ago, this career didn’t exist. Today, Digital Marketing Specialists are one of the most in-demand team members in organizations across the globe. Digital Marketing Specialists focus on a different component of a marketing strategy. They optimize lead generation, create ad conversions and monitor performance based on the data from ad campaigns.

    • As a Digital Marketing Specialist, your day to day job responsibilities will encompass tasks like:
    • Creating email marketing campaigns, Google Ad buys, Facebook Ad buys, pay-per-click advertising.
    • Overseeing the development and creation of website copy, blog posts, and social media posts.
    • Creating analytic reports based off of campaigns; assess how well your ads performed, the open rate on your email marketing campaigns, and overall click-throughs on your website.

    Digital Marketing Specialist Salary

    In Canada, the average Digital Marketing Specialist earns anywhere between $33,000 to $56,000. However, experienced Digital Marketing Specialists can earn $91,000 per year.

    Digital Marketing Specialist Training Courses

    While you can pursue a traditional marketing degree at any university in the country that will have designated a portion of the curriculum to focus on the digital side of things – many colleges and technical schools now offer intensive and short programs that have you out of the classroom and into an office a lot faster. When investigating your options, ask questions about what the program encompasses. You’ll want to ensure that you’ll learn everything there is know about being an effective digital marketer. Make sure programs spend time focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint Certification, Content Management Systems, copywriting and social media management tools.

    Useful Information About Being a Digital Marketing Specialist

    Living in a social media world means it’s totally feasible for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a Digital Marketing Specialist to possess all the skills and evidence to pursue a lucrative career. If you don’t have an impressive social following or digital portfolio under your belt already, don’t fret. There’s plenty you can do to build the acumen and skillset needed to be successful.

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