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25 - 64 Weeks
$21,000 - $40,000
  • Full Time
  • Diploma
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    Front Desk Agent Programs Description

    A front desk agent is primarily responsible for greeting customers, and assisting them so they feel welcome in the establishment, typically a hotel, resort, or other service business. Other responsibilities may include booking services for customers, providing directions, answering calls, receiving and sending packages, administrative duties, basic accounting, building maintenance, and security. This position typically requires long periods of standing during busy hours. Front desk agents will also typically be required to wear a uniform or follow a dress code.

    • Great interpersonal skills are needed for this position as there will be a significant amount of contact with customers and staff members on a day to day basis. A front desk agent is often the first contact customers have with a business so employers are counting on their front desk staff to make a great first impression for their business.
    • Ability to problem solve, work under pressure, and manage and diffuse conflict situations are very important for a front desk agent.
    • Basic computer skills, time management, punctuality, respectfulness, attention to detail, and good organizational skills are also important for this position. Knowledge of a second language is often an asset.

    Front Desk Agent Salary

    An average salary is 21K per year in Canada. A more experienced front desk agent may make up to 40K.

    Front Desk Agent Hours

    Part time and full time positions are common for front desk agent positions. Hours will vary based on the business hours of the organization, shift work will likely be an option.

    Front Desk Agent Training Courses

    Most employers will offer on-the-job training. Previous experience in a service role would be beneficial experience. Some positions may require previous front desk agent experience.

    Useful Information About Being a Front Desk Agent

    Training programs are available to learn how to refine customer service skills in the hospitality industry, often employers will provide this training to staff members.

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