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Willowbank’s unique approach represents a powerful response to today’s environmental and social challenges. Willowbank infuses the traditional methods of heritage conservation with a sense of obligation to recognize the interconnection of our built, natural and cultural resources. At Willowbank, we believe that places are richer for their diversity and we embrace this complexity. We believe heritage plays a pivotal role in creating a sustainable future.

Willowbank’s historic campus—an 1834 estate, a 1914 schoolhouse, an 8,000-year-old portage route—represents more than an architectural and cultural asset; it is a living case study for students of the Willowbank School, and a compelling backdrop for the Willowbank Centre’s programming. It is a home for the evolution, development and expression of our innovative approach. It is the birthplace of a new paradigm that will have a deep and lasting impact on the world.

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