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About Story Institute

This is an advanced acting program taught by actors who have already achieved the results our students are seeking.

This is a program that does more than focus purely on the art side of the craft but also includes the business side of show business!

Currently our success rate is 100% of our diploma graduates have booked paid, professional work before they even graduate the program.

Our commitment to teaching in a different way has created different results. Our students do not hope to book professional work. They expect it.


Our program consists of 5 main pillars:

Career Planning 20%

Voice-Overs 20%

Improv for film & TV 20%

Auditioning for film & TV 20%

Scene Study 20%


Minimal homework, only 4 hours a day - Monday through Friday.

Our instructors have coached actors who have gone on to become leads, regulars, and guest stars on shows like - Riverdale, The Descendents, The 100, Letterkenny, My Little Pony, and many more.

To describe this program in a single sentence - "We combined the core habits of success utilized by countless successful actors, and we've designed a program that allows new actors to adopt these same habits into their own craft and expectations."


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