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About North American Trade Schools

North American Trade Schools has programs that provide career preparation so you can be job-ready in less than one year. With small classroom sizes and individual attention, they can serve the needs of their students by teaching relevant programs that provide them with the skills they’ll need to find employment in today’s work force.

They have professional instructors with career experience in all of the programs available at the school. They also provide students with employment preparation and placement assistance upon graduation of a full-time registered program.

North American Trade Schools provides hands-on training for hands-on people. With a campus available in Brampton and London, you’re bound to find a program here that aligns with your goals.

Programs at North American Trade Schools



  • Brampton

    499 Main Street S Unit 60Brampton ONL6Y1N7

  • London

    847 Highbury Ave N Bldg. 4London ONN5Y5B8