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About Herzing College

Herzing College believes in a career-focused, convenient and caring educational program. Each campus works in close collaboration with local and regional employers to ensure that their programs encompass the skills and knowledge needed for their students to succeed. They ensure that their students are their top priority, and every decision made stems from that commitment to them. Herzing College offers day, evening and online classes to allow the students the flexibility they need to reach their education goals.

Herzing College commits to assisting their students as they strive to improve their lives. From the time a prospective student enters a campus, to the moment they cross the stage to receive their diploma, Herzing College is with their students every step of the way.

Programs at Herzing College



  • Winnipeg

    723 Portage Avenue Winnipeg MB R3G0M8


  • Ottawa

    1200 St. Laurent Boulevard Box 225 Suite 408 Ottawa ON K1K3B8

  • Toronto

    220 Yonge Street Suite 202 Toronto ON M5B2H1


  • Montreal

    1616 Boulevard Rene-Levesque Ouest Montreal QB H3H1P8