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About Canadian All Care College

Canadian All Care College in Toronto, Ontario, they believe that education is the best investment for any person who seeks an opportunity to work in their ideal career. Since they opened their doors in 2003, they have provided quality education at an excellent value. They are committed to ensuring that tuition fees stay at a reasonable rate so that you can get the best education possible without compromising quality.
At Canadian All Care College, whether you have an interest in learning about becoming a Nail Technician, Accounting, Phlebotomy, Child Care or learning how to pursue a bank teller job, they have a program for you. The college has two campuses in great locations in both Toronto and Scarborough that are only minutes away from public transit stations; Canadian All Care College is the ultimate choice in getting a quality education.

Programs at Canadian All Care College

Canadian All Care College Campuses


  • Toronto

    305-4630 Dufferin Street Toronto ONM3H5S4

  • Scarborough

    240 Alton Towers Circle Unit 302Scarborough ONM1V4P3