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About Automotive Training Centre

The Automotive Training Centre (ATC) in Toronto was founded in 1984. For 32 years, the Automotive Training Centre has helped thousands of graduates gain the knowledge they need to pursue a lucrative automotive career.

Learn everything you need to know about auto parts, maintenance, wheel alignment, welding from programs like Automotive Technology to become a Mechanic through Automotive Training Centre. Are Operations and Logistics more of your thing? The Transportation Operations and Dispatching program at Automotive Training Centre is your perfect match.

Automotive Training Centre’s classrooms give you a Grade A experience that enables you the ability to pursue a career as an Auto Mechanic, Automotive Service Technician, Dispatcher, and Auto Detailer. What ever your passion, at Automotive Training Centre, you’re sure to develop the skillset to pursue the automotive jobs in Toronto you want.

Automotive Training Centre in Toronto has built a strong reputation for providing quality training validated by the industry.

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