Network & Database Administrator
CDI College

CDI College
48 weeks
$39,000 - $153,000
Full Time

CDI College

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Program Description

The demand for skilled network and database administrators continues to grow. CDI's Network and Database Administrator program teaches you the essential skills required in any network administrator job description.

You will learn to administer and support database users on networked computer systems and become proficient on the latest network admin tools. Based on Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco industry certification requirements, this program uses hands-on learning to teach network implementation, installation, maintenance and management. Students participate in a 200-hour work placement to gain the real-world experience that employers demand.


Students will benefit from a 100 hour practicum component at a job location. This practicum work experience is a mandatory diploma requirement and the business organization does not pay for the service of the student during the practicum.

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