Health Care Aide
CDI College

CDI College
23 weeks
$21,000 - $80,000
Full Time

CDI College

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Program Description

As Canada's population ages, the demand for Health Care Aides continues to grow. If you're looking for a satisfying career helping others, CDI College's Health Care Aide program is for you. Students from this program go on to work with elderly patients, those with special needs, as well as patients living with mental health issues. Work environments include long-term care facilities, home health care agencies, retirement homes, residential care centres, hospices and group homes.
The Health Care Aide program teaches students to identify and respond to patients' physical and emotional needs and to promote healthy physical and mental activity that is appropriate for the individual patient. Students learn about medical terminology, human anatomy, chronic conditions and palliative care. Other areas of study include accountable and responsible care, transfer techniques, wheelchair safety, mechanical lifting and other care skills.

Mandatory Clinical Placement

In order to graduate and receive a diploma, students must complete 210 hours (6 weeks) of clinical training. This component of the program ensures that students will gain valuable hands-on experience, putting into practice the theory and skills gained in the classroom. Students are encouraged to participate in various work shifts so that they may experience both daytime and evening tasks. Students are placed with the instructor for 70 hours of supervised clinical placement in a long-term care facility. Once the supervised clinical placement is successfully completed, students must undertake a total of 105 hours with a preceptor. Thirty five of those hours must be in an acute care setting and the remaining 35 hours must be with clients who require assistance with their activities of daily living in the community such as in a home care setting or in a retirement home

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