Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion
Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver

Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver
$22,000 - $82,000

Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver

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Program Description

Marketing and merchandising are crucial to the global success of the multi-billion dollar fashion industry. Are you ready to combine your business-savvy and keen fashion sense into a career in fashion? VCAD's Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion diploma program can get you there!

This program will introduce you to the fundamental of the fashion industry, design and color theory, as well as standard software used in the industry. You'll explore the Canadian retail industry and learn about marketing, visual displays, event promotions and merchandising. At the end of the program, you will have an impressive portfolio that showcases your skills in fashion marketing and merchandising.

Career opportunities exist in several areas of the fashion industry, including marketing, merchandising, public relations and event and promotions planning. Fashion retailers also require skilled professionals for positions such as store managers, marketing representatives, visual display coordinators and purchasers. Graduates may also choose to start careers in advertising or fashion writing.

Upon successful program completion graduates will able to demonstrate the following.

* Illustrate fashion design concepts.

* Apply the knowledge and skills resulting from the study of modern fashion illustration concepts and techniques to present-day marketing problems.

* Provide a history of the influence of fashion on each generation of designers.

* Deconstruct garments and finishing techniques.

* Map different classifications of apparel to target markets and promotions.

* Describe the product development, apparel production, and textile life cycles and the impact these have on successful merchandising and marketing.

* Clearly articulate sales and advertising plans using industry standard tools to generate competitive analysis.

* Describe and demonstrate the role of target marketing, market segmentation, and niche markets in the effective placement of sales product.

* Articulate the role of branding and private labels in generating sales.

* Describe the role of costing and merchandise management on ROI.

* Define retailing and explain the steps in strategic planning for meeting ROI.

* Write, present, critique plans and proposals.

* Successfully participate and contribute to the success of a team.

* Develop a professional network.

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