Fashion Design
Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver

Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver
$22,000 - $82,000

Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver

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Program Description

Do you have a unique sense of style? Are you passionate about fabrics and colors? Do you express yourself through your clothing? Then turn your passion into a chic career! In the Fashion Design diploma program at VCAD, you'll develop the skills to transform your creative ideas into beautiful garments and accessories so you can change the world through fashion.

This program will nurture your creativity while providing hands-on training with the tools and equipment used in the industry. You'll develop a solid foundation in the fundamentals of garment and apparel design, fashion merchandising, visual display techniques and fashion shows. By the end of the program, your portfolio will showcase your skill set, creative flare and unique fashion sense.

Career opportunities exist in several areas of the fashion industry as junior designers, stylists, pattern makers and wardrobe consultants. Fashion retailers may also require skilled professionals for positions such as marketing representatives, visual display coordinators and purchasers.

Upon successful completion of this program you will be able to:

* Apply fundamental design theory to fashion design problems.

* Apply knowledge and skills resulting from the study of modern fashion illustration, fashion design, design concepts and techniques in the creation of original garments that exceed industry design and quality standards.

* Understand the relationship between fashion illustration, apparel design and product development and be able to communicate effectively design ideas between various manufacturing, marketing and merchandising components of the industry.

* Make persuasive arguments that speak to how significant fashion trends and periods derive their origins from the past and subsequently influence the future.

* Describe the role fashion history plays in fashion styling, design and display.

* Construct and analyze garments so as to comment on the quality of construction, efficacy of the design, finishing techniques, and price point.

* Analyze different classifications of apparel: men’s, women’s and children’s and discount in regard to price points, fit, construction and the market.

* Understand the product development, apparel production, and textile life cycles in the context of their impact on design, merchandising and marketing.

* Describe the importance of fashion forecasting, on the design, marketing and merchandising of apparel.

* Development a portfolio containing original design work, flats and specifications, photographs, a promotional kit and a final themed collection consisting of at least four original garments.

Fashion Design Course Details

The Fashion Design Course at Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver is a None Hair & Beauty program . You can find this program at multiple campus locations. Career opportunities that are related to Fashion Design Course earn an average total salary range of $22,000 - $82,000 annually – the only credential requirement for this course is a Diploma

This program will allow you to enter the Hair & Beauty job market at a higher pace and armed with all the required talent and skills. This course includes Hair & Beauty industry certifications to reflect the growing requirements in this fast pace competitive world. Stay one step ahead & evolve much quicker than your competitors and the market.

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Disclaimer: We make every effort to provide accurate information on Hair & Beauty courses and programs provided by Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver. However, this information on Fashion Design course is subject to change without prior notice and we would highly encourage that you contact the school and colleges directly to verify this information before applying.

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