Video Game Development
triOS College

triOS College
74 weeks
$32,000 - $129,000
Full Time

triOS College

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Program Description

The video game industry has many facets and offers great opportunities for those who want to continue to learn, grow and wear multiple hats.
Game creation requires a combination of skills, including programming, scripting, game level planning, and sound design. Our program provides courses that support all of these skills. You will have the opportunity to learn, think and respond within a team, by alternating in each varying role.

Portfolio development is a crucial highlight of our program. A well-developed portfolio is a must for employment interviews and triOS aims to have students publish games before they have graduated, to further their chances at employment when the program is finished.

As a student, you will complete multiple gaming projects while enrolled in the program: game prototypes, several C++ games, several Unity games in C#, several Unreal games and multiple mobile games including native Android and iOS games in Java and Swift that you will be able to highlight in job interviews upon graduating.

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