Welder Fitter
Institute of Technical Trades

Institute of Technical Trades
22 weeks
$30,000 - $68,000
Full Time

Institute of Technical Trades

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Program Description

Designed for long term welding career plans in structural or pipe welding - 22.4 weeks

Welding classes include all position CWB license testing in Electric Arc + 1 CWB license in MIG or 3 TSSA's (1 in each welding process) and consists of following courses:

Oxy-Acetylene – 35 hours
Electric Arc (SMAW) – 250 hours
MIG – Mild Steel (GMAW) – 40 hours
TIG – Mild Steel (GTAW) – 60 hours
Basic Blueprint Reading – 40 hours
Blueprint Reading for Welders – 80 hours
Welding Theory – 30 hours
Job Search – 25 hours

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