Web Site Design

Herzing College
32 weeks
$27,000 - $106,000
Part Time

Herzing College

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Program Description

A Web Site Designer works with clients to produce the graphical presentation (look-and-feel) of a web site. Web Developers are responsible for programming or maintain a web site’s database. The Web Site Designer is mostly involved in the visual presentation of a site using multimedia tools. They handle graphical layout, animation and the interactivity of a website.

This program prepares students with an integrated approach to web site design. Instruction is provided in client-side web site design techniques and management procedures through converging theoretical concepts and practical applications. Areas of study include internet and e-business concepts, hypertext markup languages (HTML 5), a scripting language such as JavaScript™, and web graphic software such as Photoshop® and Dreamweaver®.


32 weeks (20 hours/week, M-TH)

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