Software Quality Assurance and Testing Analyst
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Canadian All Care College

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Program Description

The demand of the software industry requires full scale testing of the product before release to the customer. This course is designed to teach students from basics to structured software testing methodologies. Topics include basic manual testing theory and methodologies, ability to create test tree and identify bugs and write bug reports using the QC tool. You will learn key testing concepts, such as Regression, GUI, Security, and User Acceptance Testing etc and will be able to practice those concepts in real life projects. It is a fast-paced course with hands-on manual testing and automation. In most software companies nowadays test automation plays a huge role especially In the QA Environment, so students in this course will have hands on experience with most famous test automation tool QTP.

Admission requirements

Grade 12 or equivalent or mature student status and passing score on the entrance examination
Mature student status

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