Computerized Accounting
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$33,000 - $87,000

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Program Description

The purpose of this course is to provide an extensive knowledge and skills of the most popular accounting software packages such as Simply Accounting, QuickBooks, and ACCPAC. This training program aims to transform accounting techniques and concepts into skills and tools needed by accounting staff.
Program participants will be trained to improve effectiveness and efficiencies of organizations, sell new ideas, and implement realistic systems. The program is also useful for those wanting to develop their own financial tool kits to complement their existing accounting skills.
Accounting clerk career is for you if you…
— have an aptitude for numbers
— have excellent work habits
— are punctual in meeting deadlines
— have good oral and written communication skills
— want to work in an excellent working environment
— want a variety of career paths
— want to work in a rapidly changing business environment

Placement ( CA414 )

The college will arrange all the students to do their placement in an accounting firm for training after the students have successfully completed the theory study inside the college.

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