Pharmacy Assistant
Vancouver Career College

Vancouver Career College
31 weeks
$24,000 - $73,000

Vancouver Career College

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Program Description

Patients depend on their pharmacist to dispense prescriptions and provide vital health information. As a Pharmacy Assistant, you will assist the pharmacist with this important task and become an integral part of the health care industry. Vancouver Career College’s Pharmacy Assistant Technician diploma program will give you the tools you need to enter this highly regarded role. This program trains students to work in both community and hospital pharmacies. Courses covered include pharmacology, dispensing techniques, pharmacy math, medical terminology and prescription transcription. Students also learn the administrative and clerical responsibilities of a Pharmacy Assistant Technician, such as billing. CPR and First Aid training and certification are also incorporated into the program. The program culminates in a supervised work placement, where you will gain hands-on experience in a pharmacy setting. Following this placement, you will receive job search training and support so you can start your career.

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