Interior Decorating
Eastern College

Eastern College
60 weeks
$27,000 - $82,000
Full Time

Eastern College

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Program Description

Do you have an eye for colour, space, and style? The Interior Decorating program at Eastern College will sharpen those skills so you can step into a residential or commercial space and easily apply the fundamentals of interior decorating.

This program combines technical training – such as AutoCAD and drafting – with the artistic elements of design. Whether you choose to work as a consultant for an existing company, or start up your own decorating business, graduates of this program will have the practical and business skills required to succeed in the creative world of interior decorating.

Program Highlights:
4-week field placement
Program recognized by Canadian Decorators’ Association (CDA)
Training on Interior Decorating Software (AutoCAD LT)

The Interior Decorating program will qualify grads to pursue positions such as Interior Decorator Consultant, Interior Decorator, Interior Design Technician, Kitchen Designer, Office Space Planner or Retail Space Planner.

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