Legal Assistant
Reeves College

Reeves College
43 weeks
$27,000 - $90,000
Full Time

Reeves College

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Program Description

Become an integral part of a legal office by entering Reeves College's Legal Assistant Program. Legal assistants are well respected and well paid members of a legal team. The Legal Assistant diploma program at Reeves College trains you to enter challenging and fascinating world of law. The Program combines administrative skills with extensive legal training. Students receive an internet and core computing certification and study advanced keyboarding and business communications, as well as other day-to-day administrative tasks. The Intensive program introduces students to the Canadian Court system and covers all aspect of the law, including family law, corporate law, real estate, criminal law and litigation. Students also learn the procedures for legal documentation and handling evidence. The diploma program also included a practicum placement where students will work in a law office. Graduates are ready to enter the legal world working as a legal assistant in setting such as a private law firm, corporate or government offices.

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