Massage Therapy - 2400
CDI College

CDI College
Calgary North
96 weeks
$25,000 - $100,000
Full Time

CDI College

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Program Description

The Massage Therapy 2400 hr program fully prepares program graduates to provide a number of therapeutic massage services to a range of clients who present many different needs. The work of a massage therapist is similar to chiropractors and physical therapists; however, instead of manipulating bones or using exercises for treatment, a massage therapist focuses on manipulating muscles and soft tissues. This focused, 96-week diploma program trains students in all the important areas massage therapists need to be successful: anatomy, physiology, pathology, massage theory, principles and techniques of treatment, therapeutic exercise, joint mobilization, orthopaedic treatment, the peripheral nervous system, arthrology, hydrotherapy, and more. Students also learn about business practices, the laws and regulations around the massage profession, nutrition, medications, and clinical case studies. Throughout the program, students take part in externships in the community, growing their skills in client relations and massage, as well as working in the student massage clinic on campus.

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