CSR-Banking & Financial (Internship)
Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology

Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology
52 weeks
Full Time

Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology

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Program Description

This course prepares students for employment in the field of banking and financial services. Students participating in this course will learn essential computer, financial and professional skills. They will gain knowledge of the processes required to work as a clerk, an assistant to financial planner, and assistant to banking officer within the financial sector or to start their own business. With an understanding of the various types of trading and investments, students will be able to apply the technical and fundamental trading principles they learn as they begin their new career. Upon completion, students will be able to process cash deposits and withdrawals, process cheque and credit card payments, generate money orders and certified cheques, open accounts, sell travelers cheques, trade stocks, balance daily transactions using calculators and computer programs, prepare customer statements, answer customer inquiries and assist those who provide investment and financial advice. In addition, students will learn computer software applications, word processing and spreadsheets which are an asset to any position. This program includes modules such as customer service and business skills valuable to all occupations including working as a bank teller or assistant to various financial service providers. The objective of this program is to help the student develop the skills and competences needed to succeed in banking and finance sectors, as well as the public and private sector.

CSR-Banking & Financial (Internship) Course Details

The CSR-Banking & Financial (Internship) Course at Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology is a Full Time program that lasts approximately 52 weeks. You can find this program at multiple campus locations. Career opportunities that are related to CSR-Banking & Financial (Internship) Course earn an average total salary range of $None - $None annually – the only credential requirement for this course is a Diploma

This program will allow you to enter the job market at a higher pace and armed with all the required talent and skills. This course includes industry certifications to reflect the growing requirements in this fast pace competitive world. Stay one step ahead & evolve much quicker than your competitors and the market.

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