Video Game Developer Courses

72 - 93 Weeks
$32,000 - $129,000
  • Full Time
  • Diploma
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    Video Game Developer Programs Description

    Much like video game designers, video game developers design, make and test video games. The difference is that they combine the creative side to adhere to the technical side of the game in attempts to generate an immersive experience for game players.

    • Video Game developers are involved in various aspects of game creation, from concept designs to coding and programming.
    • These types of developers write computer code and controls, design characters, backgrounds, game scripts, storyboards and other elements of a game’s look.
    • Translating requirements into complicated but clean and efficient code.
    • Constructing the base or the engine on which the game will run.
    • Producing prototypes of gameplay ideas and features

    Video Game Developer Salary

    The average annual salary a Game Developer can earn in Canada is between $32,000 to $129,000.

    Useful Information About Being a Video Game Developer

    The level of training depends on the area of game development. This includes specializing in game design, game programming, game tester and/or producer. But in most cases, you need some kind of formal training after high school. The majority of video game developers have strong programming skills and some universities in Canada offer game development specialty streams. Common 4-year majors you can enroll in can include:|Computer science|Software engineering|Mathematics|Computer information systems etc.|Once successfully achieving your degree, you can enter and apply in this industry. Employers really look for those with experience and have knowledge and expertise on the software and programming languages listed above.

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