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48 - 93 Weeks
$40,000 - $82,000
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  • Diploma
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    Video Game Designer Programs Description

    Game designers create concepts, interactive narration, build prototypes and develop the game’s mechanics. Video games and other games alike, are available across a variety of formats and platforms, including mobile, virtual and augmented reality. A game designer needs to use a broad range of technical and creative skills to imagine, test and develop those types of games for better user experience.

    • Design games for a platform, or multiple ones, that engage and capture the imagination of the user. Includes designing characters, backgrounds, creating game scripts, storyboards and other elements of a game’s look.
    • Requires to be in constant communication with colleagues and work collaboratively with games developers, artists and programmers.
    • Provide test specifications to quality assurance staff.
    • Provide feedback to developers regarding game features.
    • Oversee gameplay testing to ensure intended gaming experience and game adherence to the original vision.

    Video Game Designer Salary

    In Canada, the average annual salary ranges from $40,000 to $82,000. This salary is depicted on the amount of experience you have and the type of assignments that are delegated.

    Video Game Designer Training Courses

    Video games operate by using computer software which responds to commands and input from console controllers. This software uses a specific programming language such as C#, C++, or Unity in which game design courses can help you improve your skills.|Listed below are software and programming languages that are mandatory to master:|Quest|Unity and Unity 3D (cross-platform game engine)|ZBrush (2D and 3D modelling)|GameMaker|Unreal|Java|C++|C#|HTML5 (Web)|Unreal Script|SQL|The video game industry is constantly evolving as it incorporates new technologies, trends, and developments to help make a better, more immersive gaming experience. This rapid progress means it’s important for game designers to be familiar with these changes, trends, and technologies in order to understand how they will affect the projects they’re working on.

    Useful Information About Being a Video Game Designer

    There is no strict educational requirement to become a video game designer. Most employers prefer to hire those with years of experience. There are many technical schools, colleges and a few universities that offer programs in video game design and provide short-term placements to add onto your list of work experience. These programs take on average 3 years to complete and after completion, you earn a certificate.

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