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4 - 90 Weeks
$39,000 - $144,000
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    Network Engineer Programs Description

    A network engineer is responsible for setting up, maintaining, repairing, and managing a network of computers for a business or organization. This includes all of the related computer equipment, software, and hardware. Setting up a network that is secure, efficient, and user-friendly is the main objective in this role. Network engineers will also need to perform data backups and recover and restore systems if needed. Positions may be full time within one organization, or network engineers may work contract positions with multiple organizations.

    • An analytical mindset with patience and attention to detail is important for planning system design and troubleshooting issues.
    • The ability to learn new technological systems quickly is an asset.
    • Documentation skills and customer service skills are valuable in this role.
    • Good verbal and written communication, and the ability to translate technical concepts into plain language is valuable. Often network engineers will need to communicate technical concepts to people without a technical background.

    Network Engineer Salary

    A starting salary is $39K per year in Canada. An experienced network engineer may make up to $144K.

    Network Engineer Hours

    Full time and contract positions are common in this role.|Overtime may be necessary when network issues arise, or backups or repairs are required and must be installed outside of regular business hours.

    Network Engineer Training Courses

    Network engineers come from a variety of backgrounds. They may have a bachelor's or master’s degree in computer science, network administration, systems engineering, or similar program. Specific networking certifications may be required by an employer or client. Common certificates include CompTIA Network+, Cisco CCNA, and Microsoft Windows Server and Windows Client.

    Useful Information About Being a Network Engineer

    CompTIA Network+:|Cisco CCNA:|Microsoft Certifications:

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