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81 - 89 Weeks
$39,000 - $144,000
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    IT Professional Programs Description

    Information Technology, or IT Specialists, oversee and maintain a wide range of computer soft and hardware technologies. They are responsible for ensuring all operating and network systems are working.

    IT professionals test, build, install, maintain, and repair all the hard and software associated with computer systems used for commercial or personal use. They often work with complex computer-based information systems that are located in one or more areas.

    There are many different types of IT professionals. Some work directly with computer hardware while others design, install, operate, maintain, and repair different computerized and information technology systems. IT specialists work in a variety of sectors related to enterprise systems, databases, hardware and software technologies, web servers and networks, and other information technology resources.

    IT professionals also train non-technical staff and provide ongoing technical support to companies and individuals.

    • Computer and technology
    • Communication
    • Creativity
    • Analytical thinking
    • Problem solving
    • Organizational
    • Time management
    • Leadership
    • Attention to detail

    IT Professional Salary

    IT professionals earn between $39,000 to $144,000 annually.

    IT Professional Hours

    The days and hours IT professionals work vary and depend on the company or industry they work for. While many jobs are Monday to Friday, other positions can include working days, evenings, nights on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

    IT Professional Training Courses

    IT professionals require specialized education, skills, and training. To be hired for an entry level position, applicants must demonstrate that the have strong knowledge and computer skills. Most employers require their IT professionals to have a post-secondary degree in computer software. Courses for IT specialists range from collage programs that are a few months in duration to full doctorate degrees that take several years to complete.

    Useful Information About Being a IT Professional

    Because technology is always changing and IT specialists work with different operating systems and information technologies, they must continually stay up-to-date on the latest information about the different technologies and network resources. Additional training will be determined by the company or industry they work for.

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