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4 - 90 Weeks
$41,000 - $81,000
  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Diploma
  • Certificate
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    Database Administrator Programs Description

    Data – if you’ve got a cellphone, a computer, heck, even any information stored by public records: there’s a database associated to it. So, just who manages this data in a company? Well, a Database Administrator of course. Database Administrators manage, back up and ensure that data is accessible. A DBA (Database Administrator) are vital members of any organizations IT team.

    • Perform troubleshooting techniques and guide clients or team members with the deployment of solutions.
    • Analyze system logs and perform audits routinely to enhance system efficiencies and performance.
    • Create and maintain accurate reports, records and system configuration and action lists.
    • Installing and upgrading the database server and application tools.

    Database Administrator Salary

    In Canada, the average Database Administrator can earn between $41,000 to $81,000. Experienced workers can earn upwards of $137,000 per year.

    Database Administrator Training Courses

    To become a Database Administrator in Canada, it’s advisable to pursue a post-secondary or technical training at a college that provides both hands-on and in-class training. Prospective DBA’s should obtain a degree or diploma that focuses on Database Management or IT. Additional certifications in: MSCA SQL, Oracle MySQL, IBM certifications in Linux, Unix and Windows.

    Useful Information About Being a Database Administrator

    As a Database Administrator, it’s beneficial to have a wide array of certifications and skills that will make you more attractive as a candidate.

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