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Technology Programs Description

When you hear the term ‘technology’ you may instantaneously think of computer techs, your company’s IT person, or your best friend’s brother who is really into computer games. While these are all fair comparisons, there’s a lot more to technology degrees then meets the eye.

When considering a career in technology you can consider opportunities like cybersecurity that will teach you to protect internet-connected systems from cyber threats like hackers; web design where you can create stunning websites through coding, game designing where you can be involved in producing stunning video games or information systems and work in an IT environment. There is no shortage of career opportunities in this in demand field, and no matter what your specific area of interest is, you’re bound to find a promising career.

There are plenty of technology schools in Canada that will help you pursue a technology education that’s guaranteed to earn you a job upon completion. Checking out technology colleges will demonstrate that programs marry different learning styles that are incorporated to create the most effective learning environment for students. At a technology school in Canada, you will learn how technology enhances people’s quality of life, how your contribution will improve the future, and explore the importance of innovation. People who pursue a technology education will find that there are plenty of options to help them narrow down their degree or learning.

Technology Training and Career

The median average salary for someone who works in a technology field is $76,000 per year, with entry level positions starting at $36,000. Individuals in this field can earn up to $124,000 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do technology jobs pay?

On the average end, the median is $76,000 per year, but someone at the top of the technology field like a Chief Information Officer could earn upwards of $200,000 per year.

What are good technology jobs?

The most in-demand technology jobs right now include developing and software engineering, project management, database and quality assurance analysts and network engineering.

What are the highest paying jobs in technology?

The highest paying jobs in technology are anything in securities, e.g: data security analyst, followed by a data scientist, cloud architect, and engineering.

Which degree is better IT or computer science?

While they’re very close to one another, computer science involves more coding and algorithms, while IT focuses on technology and tech issues.

What technology degree is best?

The beauty about a technology degree is you can either pursue a data path, design, gaming or securities, so it really comes down to your personal preference and interests.

What college has the best technology program?

The college with the best technology program is Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), followed by Stanford University, the University of Cambridge in the UK and the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

What is a technological school?

A technical school is any two-year college program that provides more hands-on learning than traditionally found in an ordinary college. These schools are geared towards programs that would require a student to prove competency before graduating.