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29 Weeks
$36,000 - $102,000
  • Full Time
  • Diploma
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    Plumber Programs Description

    Plumbers are highly skilled tradespeople who install and repair repair pipes, plumbing systems, and fixtures etc. They are employed by construction companies, plumbing contractor and maintenance departments, or they can be self-employed.

    • Install and repair piping (for waste, drainage, and venting systems).
    • Install and repair plumbing fixtures (sinks, faucets, toilets, etc.).
    • Connect appliances that use water (washing machine, dishwasher, etc)
    • Read blueprints to plan and estimate what materials are needed
    • Basic math skills for preparing cost estimates, and performing simple calculations for plumbing installations.
    • Fix leaking or clogged lines
    • Manage sewage waste

    Plumber Salary

    The annual salary a Plumber can make on average $36,000 to $102,000 in Canada.

    Plumber Training Courses

    In most provinces, plumbers must be certified. You can become certified by completing a 4 to a 5-year apprenticeship program. Students can expect an introduction to hand and power tools in plumber training, which they’ll continue to build upon during their apprenticeship. To start this career path, you can complete classes in plumbing, drafting, and blueprint reading is useful. Math, physics and other construction-related courses in welding and electrical systems may be helpful to learn more about this specific trade. Furthermore, these types of classes are offered by technical schools, which can be taken after successfully receiving your High School Diploma.

    Useful Information About Being a Plumber

    Plumbers are required to know the Canadian Plumbing Code. The code list out rules plumbers must follow when designing, installing and repairing plumbing systems. As well as, understanding and following protocols for other plumber tasks and procedures.

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