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$31,000 - $102,000
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    Physiotherapist Description

    Physiotherapists, also known as physio’s help people who are ill or physically injured back to a physically healthy life. They also work with individuals who have permanent disabilities and create exercises and plans to aid those with discomfort.

    • Perform and conduct physical exams to assess patients conditions.
    • Design treatment plans to help patients achieve as much movement as possible.
    • Treat patients using soft tissue massage, lasers, and other techniques.
    • Teach and create exercises and programs for patients to follow for better recovery.
    • Monitor and report patient’s progress

    Physiotherapist Salary

    The annual salary a Physiotherapist can make in Canada is between $31,000 to $102,000. This is dependant on whether they have a popular client-base and the amount of experience they possess.

    Physiotherapist Training

    To become a certified physiotherapist, you must complete a university master degree program is physiotherapy and get a licence in your province. The first step is to complete a 4-year undergrad degree that includes the course that study and correlate with human physiology, psychology and statistics. After completing your undergrad, you must enrol in a master degree is physiotherapy. These master can take up to 2 to 3 years to complete.

    Useful Information About Being a Physiotherapist

    Once you have achieved your masters in physiotherapy, to become a practicing physiotherapist in Canada, you must be licensed and registered and pass an exam. It is recommended that while you are beginning to get licensed, you can start to work and volunteer at local clinics. This will give you valuable experience and insight into this field. Licenses and certifications differ between provinces. In Ontario, to become a registered physiotherapist. You must apply and pass the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) exam.|The CAPR provides evaluation services for all of the regulatory post-secondary institutions.

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