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28 - 65 Weeks
$49,000 - $130,000
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    Supply Chain Manager Programs Description

    A Supply Chain Manager coordinates all aspects of the supply chain including planning, sourcing of materials or products, efficient and productive manufacturing, delivery, and the return of unwanted or defective products to maintain a steady flow of merchandise and services. Supply Chain Managers also analyze and make recommendations to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality. They help prevent costly recalls and lawsuits while improving the company’s bottom line and reputation.

    Supply Chain Manager Core Task and Skills Required

    Supply Chain Managers perform a variety of duties to keep warehouse operations running smoothly, efficiently, and safely. They develop and implement strategies to lower cost while increasing efficiency and speed. Supply Chain Managers communicate and collaborate with all parties, optimize operational functions, analyze data, and negotiate with external suppliers.

    • Communicate effectively through emails, telephone conversations, and face-to-face interactions
    • Negotiate contracts and rates
    • Ensure all employees follow import and export compliance procedures
    • Develop and maintain effective supply chain plans and strategies
    • Optimize operational resources
    • Oversee and coordinate manufacturing operations
    • Conduct monthly performance analyses
    • Inventory Control
    • Generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports
    • Develop and implement warehouse, logistic, and distribution solutions
    • Manage labour costs
    • Manage productivity, inventory levels, and stocking strategies
    • Measure departmental effectiveness
    • Improve warehouse operations using lean warehouse practices

    Supply Chain Manager Salary

    The average salary for a Supply Chan manager is $82,200.00 annually. An entry level Supply Chain Manager makes $48,750.00 per year while experienced managers can make up to $130,000.00 annually.

    Supply Chain Manager Hours

    The average Supply Chain Manager typically works 40 or more hours weekly.

    Supply Chain Manager Training Courses

    Supply Chain Managers must know safety procedures and have training in SCM and FRP programs. They should also take ongoing software, management, professional development, and select courses and seminars that meet the specific needs of the company or organization they work for.

    Useful Information About Being a Supply Chain Manager

    Supply Chain Managers require a university bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, or another related field. Along with several years experience in manufacturing and supply chain management and leadership roles, Supply Chain Managers should also have certifications in APICS and experience with ERP programs.

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