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28 - 72 Weeks
$31,000 - $55,000
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    Logistics Coordinator Programs Description

    Responsibilities include managing the movement and storage of goods through a supply chain and the full cycle of order fulfillment. A logistics coordinator may work in transportation or warehouse settings. Logistics coordinators will need to communicate and negotiate with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to maintain a reliable system.This position is also responsible for ensuring all processes are operating efficiently as possible and in a safe manner.

    • Good verbal and written communication skills are needed to coordinate with team members and external suppliers.
    • In this role will be valuable to develop excellent time management skills and the ability to multitask and coordinate many moving parts to keep the flow of material moving on time.
    • Documentation skills and attention to detail are needed to accurately record orders and manage stock.
    • An analytical mindset, problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure are valuable in this role.
    • Computer skills, an ability to adapt to new technology, and familiarity with spreadsheets and logistics software will be useful.

    Logistics Coordinator Salary

    A starting salary is $31K per year in Canada. An experienced logistics coordinator may make up to $55K.

    Logistics Coordinator Hours

    Full time positions are common in this role and shift work is often available in large warehouse organizations.

    Logistics Coordinator Training Courses

    Degree programs and diploma courses are available across Canada, and many certifications are available for further skill development. Training includes developing negotiation skills, competitive bidding, contract management, understanding the functioning of organizations and the marketplace, and learning accounting methods that enable an organization to effectively manage its revenues and expenditures.

    Useful Information About Being a Logistics Coordinator

    The Canadian Professional Logistics Institute: https://loginstitute.ca/|Supply Chain Management Association of Canada, with provincial professional associations in each province: https://scma.com/national/en|Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation CITT, resource for learning and career-path development: https://www.citt.ca/

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