Police Officer Courses

50 - 69 Weeks
$31,000 - $79,000
  • Full Time
  • Diploma
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    Police Officer Programs Description

    Police officers are tasked to keep individuals and the community safe. They enforce the law, patrol the community and respond to calls about crimes and other accidents etc.

    • Patrol areas on foot, motorcycles and/or cars
    • Respond to calls of emergency
    • Help crime victims and arrest suspects
    • Investigate criminal activity by interviewing witnesses and searching for evidence
    • Work in special units and/or task forces.

    Police Officer Salary

    A police officer in Canada can make an annual salary of between $31,000 to $79,000. Depending on what units you can be assigned to and years of service.

    Police Officer Training Courses

    As a police officer, you need to have a high school diploma to apply. To have an advantage when applying to the police force, many applicants have a college diploma or university degree.|Many college and universities in Canada offer an array of programs that would suit the diverse work of a police officer.|Criminal justice|Public safety|Sociology|Criminology|Psychology|Law|Social science etc.|Once completed, you must complete a police training program. In this program, you are taught federal, provincial, and local laws. This is usually offered by the Canadian Police Academy and can take a few years to achieve.

    Useful Information About Being a Police Officer

    If you want to start a career in the police force in Canada, you must|Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident|Be physically and mentally able to do the duties of the position.|Have a valid drivers license|Have a first aid and CPR certificate|Volunteering or apply to police programs, this will allow you to see what the job is like and improve your chances of getting an entry-level position.

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