Physiotherapist Assistant Courses

16 - 108 Weeks
$25,000 - $59,000
  • Full Time
  • Diploma
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    Physiotherapist Assistant Programs Description

    A physiotherapist assistant (PTAs) works under the supervision of a physiotherapist. They are largely responsible for:
    • Patient education and training
    • Establishing and maintaining the practices environment
    • Patient discharge planning
    • Client assessment
    • Reviewing patient intervention and treatment plans
    • Interpretation of findings

    Physiotherapist Assistant Core Task and Skills Required

    In Ontario, it is not required to have a degree or diploma from a PTA program in order to work in the field. It is, however, considered beneficial to have an educational background in the field as it will help you understand the overall competencies required to be successful. Practices are at liberty to decide who they hire based on what credentials they prefer, so it’s best to ensure that you pursue a program that combines occupational therapy methods in conjunction with physiotherapy aspects.

    Physiotherapist Assistant Salary

    In Canada, the annual salary of a Physiotherapist Assistant ranges from $25,000 to $59,000 per year. This depends largely on the number of years of experience and the type of facility you gain employment within

    Physiotherapist Assistant Training Courses

    In the event you choose to pursue training in this program, it is wise to ensure that you attend an accredited institution.

    Useful Information About Being a Physiotherapist Assistant

    If you choose to pursue training as a PTA, you can find viable employment in places like long term care facilities, private clinics, retirement homes and rehabilitation centres.

    Top Physiotherapist Assistant Courses & Programs