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18 - 100 Weeks
$21,000 - $80,000
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    Health Care Aide Programs Description

    Health care aides may also be known as nursing attendants, home support aides, or residential support workers. Health care aides provide care and personal support on either a short term, or ongoing basis for individuals with disabilities, people who are ill, and the elderly. Responsibilities include assisting patients with personal hygiene activities, feeding, mobility and exercise. This job typically requires long periods of standing, walking, and physical activities such as lifting patients and moving equipment. Health care aides are also typically be required to wear a uniform.

    • Ability to follow directions from nurses and doctors, problem solve, work under pressure, and manage and diffuse conflict situations are very important for a health care aide.
    • Great interpersonal and communication skills are needed for this position as the majority of the day will be spent in close contact with patients, the patient’s family and caregivers, and team members.
    • Basic computer skills, time management, punctuality, respectfulness, attention to detail, and good organizational skills are also valuable for this position. Knowledge of a second language is often an asset.

    Health Care Aide Salary

    An average salary is 21K per year in Canada. A more experienced health care aide may make up to 80K.

    Health Care Aide Hours

    Part time, full time and casual on call positions are available for health care aides. Shift work is also common in this career.

    Health Care Aide Training Courses

    Training for a health care aide will vary in each province. Most programs include classroom studies, which often may be completed online, placements to gain experience, and a written exam. Courses teach how to promote healthy physical and mental activity for patients, human anatomy, medical terminology, and skills such as transfer techniques and wheelchair safety.

    Useful Information About Being a Health Care Aide

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