Dental Receptionist Courses

26 - 97 Weeks
$28,000 - $50,000
  • Full Time
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    Dental Receptionist Programs Description

    A Dental Receptionist is the bonding glue in managing the operations of a dental office. They manage financial records, scheduling appointments, and maintain the relationship between a patient and the dentist.

    • Punctuality is of utmost importance as a Dental Receptionist. You will be required to open and close the office every single day.
    • Utilize electronic management systems to file claims, manage payments, and schedule patient appointments.
    • A comprehensive understanding of dental terminology, including anatomy and oral structures.
    • A successful Dental Receptionist should have a positive disposition, value 5-star customer service, and possess a high level of attention to detail.

    Dental Receptionist Salary

    In Canada, the annual salary for a Dental Receptionist ranges between $28,000 and $39,000 per year. Experienced Dental Receptionists can earn upwards of up to $50,749 per year.

    Dental Receptionist Training Courses

    Dental Receptionists should pursue post-secondary education at a technical institution or college. Programs will be comprised of theoretical training and practical study that will a couple of administrative procedures and hands-on experience that will thoroughly prepare students. In addition to direct training correlating dental experience, prospective Dental Receptionists should obtain training in CPR and First Aid. Those looking to become a Dental Receptionist can study programs like ABEL Dent by scheduling training directly from their website.

    Useful Information About Being a Dental Receptionist

    As a Dental Receptionist, you should be familiar with systems such as:| ABEL Dent and Time shift Solutions, a dental software management system.|Intra Oral Level II & II is considered a major asset and will work to your advantage.|Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, Word and Outlook.

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