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32 - 47 Weeks
$23,000 - $43,000
  • Full Time
  • Diploma
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    Hair Stylist Programs Description

    A hairstylist will shampoo, cut, style, and offer chemical treatments for their client’s hair. Hairstylists also often assist clients with choosing a hairstyle that will suit them, or determine an appropriate style based on a basic idea from a client. Hairstylists often offer basic education to clients on how to manage the style and maintain the health of their hair. Hairstylists often work in salons, clinics, training schools, hair replacement clinics, and in the entertainment industry. Depending on provincial regulations, hairstylists may also offer nail treatments, facial services, and ear piercing. Hairstylists may also be required to assist with administrative and office management tasks, such as welcoming clients, answering phone calls, booking appointments, and keeping their work environment clean. This position typically requires long periods of standing during busy hours. Hairstylists may also be required to follow a dress code.

    • Creativity, attention to detail, problem solving, time management, and the ability to visualize styles and how to create them are essential for hair styling.
    • Excellent oral communication is very important for talking with clients and interpreting their requests.
    • Great interpersonal skills are needed for this position as there will be a significant amount of contact with customers and staff members on a day to day basis.

    Hair Stylist Salary

    An average salary is 23K per year in Canada. A more experienced hairstylist may make up to 43K.

    Hair Stylist Hours

    Part time and full time positions are common for hair stylists. Some hair stylists are self employed.

    Hair Stylist Training Courses

    Degree, diploma, and certificate programs are available across Canada. The Red Seal certification is also available for hair stylists who may be interested in working in multiple provinces. Most programs include both classroom learning and practice working with hair, as well as an apprenticeship program to get experience working in a salon.

    Useful Information About Being a Hair Stylist

    Canadian Red Seal Trades Certification: Hair stylist:

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