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The Hair and beauty industry offers a wonderful world of opportunity for those who love art and science. Those in the hair and beauty feel have a deep love for creativity, beauty, and coming up with looks or skincare techniques to enhance the skin and create something that fosters confidence. An understanding on the science of skincare, colour matching and a desire to think outside the box are considered important traits for those pursuing this field.

Graduates of a beauty school or those who pursue programs with a hair and beauty training school can find opportunities as sales representatives and buyers for spas and make up studios, makeup artists, a spa or salon manager, nail technician, hairdresser and more.

The beauty (pun intended) of this field is that you’re never limited to one scope of work. Those who wish to work on movie sets or part of a theatre production, can choose to pursue more intensive programs that focus on stage makeup or special effects makeup. Those with positive dispositions who are active listeners with dexterity will find that they thrive in this field.

Additionally, there are many opportunities to be found in the fashion and runway world either on photography sets for magazine spreads, or during fashion week. Often times, Canadian beauty colleges will have networking opportunities that will allow students the opportunity to explore these more deeply.

Attending a beauty or cosmetology school is mandatory in order to work as a hairdresser or colour technician, but many makeup artists are self-taught.

The median salary for a hairdresser position is $33,000/year with most entry level positions starting at $27,000.

The median salary for a makeup artist is $48,000 a year, with entry level positions starting at $31,000 per year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a hairdresser make?

The average hairdresser in Canada makes approximately $17 an hour, or $33,1500/year.

How do I pick a beauty school?

It depends on what you’d like your end goal to be. Are you shooting to have know how in all facets of beauty including, hair, nails, skincare? Or are you looking to just have expertise in one thing? This will help you determine what kind of beauty school or hair styling school is right for you. You’ll also want to consider course load, enrolment dates and location.

How long will take to become a cosmetologist?

This varies from province to province, but generally between four to five years is the length of time to complete your cosmetology training and any necessary licenses required.

What is the difference between beauty school and cosmetology school?

The primary difference really comes down to niches and scope of the program. A beauty school generally refers to an institution that encompasses all things beauty. Cosmetology school on the other hand, is in reference to schools that offer programs that are full-length and has a curriculum that covers skincare, makeup, nails and hair. Both, technically, are beauty school, but they’re not always both considered cosmetology.

How long does a hair stylist go to school?

The average hair styling school program takes anywhere from 12 and 24 months to complete, but some programs can be completed in as little as 6 months.