Gas Technician

40 - 48 Weeks
$33,000 - $68,000
  • Full Time
  • Diploma
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    Gas Technician Description

    Gas technicians, also called gas fitters, have a variety of career path options including gas fitting, appliance technicians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians. Gas technicians install, service, test, and repair natural gas and propane lines, and equipment ranging from home appliances to industrial boilers.

    • Tasks will vary based on the position, whether it be commercial, residential or industrial. Responsibilities may include installing or maintaining gas lines, testing for gas leaks, working on gas appliances, retrofitting gas equipment, assisting in the investigation of gas fires or explosions, and educating clients on gas safety.
    • Attention to detail, patience, and problem solving are important skills are important to have in this career as unexpected challenges may arise when troubleshooting gas issues.
    • Work may be physically demanding with long periods of standing or kneeling when working in confined spaces. Gas technicians may work inside or outside depending on the placement of the gas lines and equipment. Many work sites for gas technicians are also noisy.
    • Ability to follow strict rules and regulations is necessary as safety procedures must be followed. Training and certifications are required for gas technicians.

    Gas Technician Salary

    An average salary is 33K per year in Canada. A more experienced gas technician may make up to 68K.

    Gas Technician Hours

    Some work may be seasonal when gas lines are outdoors, but most gas technicians work year round with many indoor jobs available during the winter. Positions may also offer on call work opportunities in evenings or on weekends.

    Gas Technician Training

    Training and certifications vary in each province across Canada. Gas technicians will require either training through an apprenticeship program, or be required to enroll in a tiered certification program prior to working. Gas Technicians who are interested in having their certifications recognized across Canada should consider completing the Red Seal program certification.

    Useful Information About Being a Gas Technician

    Canadian Red Seal Trades Certification:|Class A Gasfitter:|Class B Gasfitter:

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