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Believe it or not, education and public service work go hand in hand. Think about your favourite teacher growing up, a lot of a teacher’s success is contingent on the community–both in and around your school–and that’s where public service comes in.

Education and training careers will require intensive educational services and training in order to be successful. This is definitely a field in which pursuing post-secondary training isn’t optional. In this field, you can either become a private college instructor, teach at a public school, or work in school administrator. Education and training works are some of the most important people as they have the power to influence young minds or teach adults something new.

With public service careers, the opportunities are limitless. You can find yourself working at city hall in a municipal level of government or giving back to your community through a career like firefighting, law enforcement, social work or working for public health. Like the education field, public service training is mandatory in order to be successful in this career. Public service jobs are important to ensure the success of any place inhabited by people. Individuals in this field ensure the streets are clean thanks to garbage removal, waste disposal and the function of utilities and sewage. We also rely on them to ensure we have clean drinking water, too.

The median salary for an education position is $55,000/year with most entry level positions starting at $28,000/year.

The median salary for a public service worker is $52,000/year with most entry level positions starting at $31,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are career options in public service?

If you pursue a public service career, you can find work in law enforcement, firefighting, social work, mental health therapists, public health nurse or city planning.

What skills do you need for education and training?

An education and training career is very reliant on being an effective communicator who understands how to teach in a way that reaches different kinds of learners. Organization, creativity, dedication, confident orators, and enthusiasm are also imperative in this field.

What are examples of education and training careers?

Examples of education and training careers include a teacher’s assistant, social workers, a teacher, principal or school administrator, counselor, and a preschool or kindergarten teacher.

Why do teachers need training?

Teachers need adequate professional development because it is imperative to the success of students that their instructors possess a breadth of expertise in multiple subjects and course work. Training enables education to teachers, as well as methodologies that will be beneficial to them in a classroom setting.

What does education training do?

Education training gives students the tools to train and educate people. For instance, being a teacher puts you at the helm of influencing young lives––education training will teach you how to use this opportunity to be impactful.