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45 - 156 Weeks
$43,000 - $56,000
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    Denturist Programs Description

    Being a Denturist is more than just creating dentures – it’s about improving someone’s quality of life. Denturists are highly skilled individuals who have been trained to fabricate dentures that fit perfectly with your jaw. Denturists are trained individuals who are able to design treatment plans that improve a patient’s oral health. Denturists are also responsible for creating mouth guards and bleaching trays.

    • Measuring patients jaws to determine the shape and size.
    • Create impressions of a patients’ jaw, gumline and teeth.
    • Design and make partial, complete or implant-supported dentures; reline, rebase and adjust dentures and repair current dentures.
    • Assess a patient’s oral and overall health history.

    Denturist Salary

    In Canada, a Denturist can earn between $43,000 to $56,000.

    Denturist Training Courses

    To become a Denturist in Canada, you must pass a provincial licensing examination conducted by the College of Denturists. Successful completion is a requirement in order to practice as a Denturist in most provinces in the country. Before the completion of the examination, prospective students should pursue a program at a college and undergo 2.5 – 3 years of schooling that will encompass in-class, clinical and laboratory skills. Most programs will require you to pursue a field study of some kind where you will work in an on-the-job setting with a field partner. It is valuable to pursue training at an accredited institution with a program that is recognized by the College of Denturists in your province.

    Useful Information About Being a Denturist

    Denturists are highly trained and licensed individuals who design and create removable denture prosthetics. Unlike other health care practitioners who may offer denture treatments, a Denturist is the most qualified individual to create cost-effective and sensitive treatment plans.

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